Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Sanctuary.


Hai! Please meet my sanctuary, my solace, my tranquil. SubhanAllah, I can't lie to myself that I really love the ventilation here. Haha~

Indeed, a remedy too. Yet, I love this place.

Do visit my instashop: @tunsyaz. I really sell things with the lower price that I can give since I am a logistician. I try to minimize the cost by providing high quality and overdose satisfaction to the customer. I tend to search for the best supplier that I can depend with. 

Yet, if the goods didn't arrive to your house within 2 days, its not because of 'us', it's POSLAJU yang tak berapa nak laju dah sekarang.


Sungguhlah, penciptaan langit dan bumi tu sendiri mengingatkan kita pada Maha Pencipta. You don't have to spend lots of money to eat and then snap them to instagram, you don't have to buy an up-to-date handphone, you don't have to 'selfie' at every place that you go just tell the world that you enjoy your life. You just need a time for yourself to sit and feel the 'life'. 


  1. Singgah sini
    Assalamualaikum dan Salam Sejahtera
    Jemput join segmen saya yg terbaru ni ye..

    Segmen Mencari Bloglist blogahbar

    Senarai Peserta

    Mari sama2 kita berblogwalking kenali rakan blogger anda..

  2. nanti ade mase akak singgah ye sis.. hihi


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